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Titan Token
Costume Egg

Champion Monsters and MVPs currently drop 12872?.png Titan Tokens, which are an in-game currency. These Titan Tokens may be vended, traded and put in storage. There is no way to get these tokens by donating. You must either kill the monsters, trade for them, or buy them from a Merchant or Super Novice shop.

10 Titan Tokens can be exchanged for a 12703?.png Costume Egg, which will give you a random costume headgear. To exchange your Titan Tokens for a Costume Egg, open the 12872?.png Titan Guide in your inventory, and choose Token Shop. The Costume Egg also has descriptions of the possible headgears you can get.

Costume Egg #5 Contents

  • Costume Sword of Thanatos
  • Costume Magic Circle
  • Costume Tall Ghostring Hat
  • Costume Elder Devil Horn
  • Costume Gram Peony
  • Costume Falling Angel Feathers
  • Costume Vampire Familiar
  • Costume Large Ribbon Muffler
  • Costume Bat Stole
  • Costume Fallen Angel Valetta

Costume Egg #4 Contents

  • Costume Baseball Cap
  • Costume Pegasus Wing Ears
  • Costume Vanargandr Helm
  • Costume Black Cat Hoodie
  • Costume Necromancer Hood
  • Costume Cat Eyes
  • Costume Angeling Hat
  • Costume Blue Beanie
  • Costume Eremes Scarf
  • Costume Candy Cane in Mouth

Costume Egg #3 Contents

  • Costume Shaving Foam
  • Costume Warm Cat Muffler
  • Costume Red Under Rimmed Glasses
  • Costume Robo Eye
  • Costume Wind Guide
  • Costume Rune Circlet
  • Costume Chicken Hat
  • Costume Dokebi Wig
  • Costume Heroic Backpack
  • Costume Test Subject Aura

Costume Egg #2 Contents

Costume Egg #1 Contents

* While these items link to actual headgears with stats, The egg drops costume variants with no stats at all.