Leveling Spots

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Recommended Spots

Level 1+

Map EXP Rating Loot Rating Monsters Notes
Payon Field 8, Payon Field 1 5/10 7/10 Spore Spores are decent EXP and they drop Strawberry which is a nice SP item to have early on, that can also be vended to players for some extra cash
Prontera Culverts 2 5/10 5/10 Thief Bug Thief Bug Female Tarou Spore Grab the Hunting Boards and go wild, but be careful: Thief Bugs assist!

Level 20+

Map EXP Rating Loot Rating Monsters Notes
Payon Field 2 7/10 6/10 Wolf, Boa Great party map, can work beyond Level 60. More Strawberries! Beware of Wolf's assistive behavior!
Mt Mjolnir 11 6/10 4/10 Flora Decent for ranged characters
Payon Cave 1 6/10 5/10 Zombie, Skeleton Nice for parties. Acolytes can Heal-bomb the Undead mobs

Level 40+

Map EXP Rating Loot Rating Monsters Notes
Toy Factory 1 / 2 7/10 8/10 Cookie, Christmas Cookie, Myst Case, Cruiser Good party maps, valuable loot. Some decent card drops, too. Beware of MVP Stormy Knight on the second level!
Einbroch Field 4 7/10 3/10 Geographer Nice EXP for ranged classes.
Umbala Field 3 7/10 3/10 Parasite Nice EXP for ranged classes.
Payon Field 10 7/10 3/10 Greatest General Nice EXP for ranged classes.
Byalan Dungeon 2/3 6/10 5/10 Hydra Kukre Marina Vadon Marse Obeaune
Payon Cave 4 6/10 5/10 Sohee

Level 60+

Map EXP Rating Loot Rating Monsters Notes
Comodo Field 2 8/10 7/10 Seal
Geffen Field 14 9/10 7/10 High Orc
Byalan Dungeon 4 7/10 8/10 Phen Marc Swordfish
Glastheim Sewers 4, Comodo Field 3 9/10 7/10 Anolian Of the two maps, GH is definitely the harder one; good for trappers, other classes might need a higher level to be effective

Levels 70+

Map EXP Rating Loot Rating Monsters Party Required Notes
Magma Dungeon 2 9/10 8/10 Nightmare Terror, Earth Deleter, Sky Deleter, Diabolic Yes Wizard/Bard/Priest is required, for optimal experience set up a static Mr. Kim a Rich Man party and use mobbers. Could potentially be solo'd by a Knight with really good gear and potions.
Juperos Ruins F1 9/10 7/10 Venatu (Purple) Venatu (Green) Venatu (Orange) Venatu (Blue) Yes Wizard/Bard/Priest is required. Really good exp, especially if going back to the Bounty Board whenever you can.
Thanatos Tower F3 7/10 10/10 Deathword, Ancient Mimic, Elder, Plasma, Mistress of Shelter No Really good rare loot. Avoid Mistress of Shelter when soloing.
Niflheim Field 1 6/10 9/10 Dullahan, Disguise, Gibbet, Quve, Hylozoist No Great NPC loot. Very easy to mob, no gear requirement at all (in parties).
Sphinx 4 8/10 5/10 Anubis No A great place for TU Priests, Bathory/Evil Druid armor is needed to avoid getting hit by Dark Soul Strike.