War of Emperium

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War of Emperium


War of Emperium is once weekly on Saturdays, 18:00 - 19:00 UTC.

Castle Rotation

The available castle gets changed every 2 months. When the rotation happens the number of castles also gets adjusted to the population of the server.

The current available castle is payg_cas01, Bright Arbor.

Guild Dungeons

Since not all the realms have a castle currently available, every castle has two available guild dungeons. Aldebaran is currently paired with Payon, while Geffen is paired with Prontera. You can access these at the levers in the castles. To use the alternate dungeon use the Push instead of Pull option.

Guild Pack

We are offering a Guild Package for new guilds! Our guild package is designed to interest guilds interested in joining our WoE scene, without creating permanent items in the economy. We want to get those new guilds focused on leveling their characters for WoE, so we are offering rental WoE gear and supplies. You can find more info on our forums here.