Hunting Boards

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Bounty Quests

Hunting Boards can be found in the Eden Group building on the first floor, along the back wall to the right of the front desk, as well as in front of selected dungeons.

Hunting Boards
Hunting Boards

The boards are separated into two categories - Low Bounty Boards are available from level 1-50 and require 50 kills per quest, High Bounty Boards are available from level 50-99 and require 100 kills per quest. Turning in the quest rewards you with experience equal to 50% of the total exp you get from killing the quest monsters. There are a lot of monsters available, and you can accept all quests at once, and turn them all in at once.

Hunting Board interface

Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is 3x the experience you would normally get for turning in a bounty board. This reward is automatically included when you turn in bounty boards, and resets per-character every 23 hours.

Daily Bonus
Daily Bonus

The experience bonus is 3x your highest bounty board for the day, and the bonus automatically adjusts if you turn in a better bounty board later that day.

Hunting Boards
This would normally be 13,500 bonus based on 4,500 base experience, but we have previously earned 3,750 bonus experience

Dungeon Bounty Boards

Dungeon bounty boards are available at the following, and we may add more locations depending on how the feature is received:

  • Abyss Lake
  • Amatsu Dungeon
  • Biolabs
  • Gonryun Dungeon
  • Ice Dungeon
  • Kiel Dungeon
  • Magma Dungeon
  • Odin Temple
  • Rachel Sanctuary
  • Thanatos Tower
  • Turtle Island