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Battlegrounds is a PVP event where two teams go head to head against each other. Skills (like Mammonite) don't cost any zeny on Battlegrounds maps.

Happy Hour

BG Happy Hour has a chance to randomly trigger every hour and lasts one hour. For this period, the minimum amount of participants needed is reduced to 6; due to this, the only modes that run for this hour are Capture The Flag and Stone Control.

There is always a guaranteed Happy Hour the hour after WoE.

How To Join

Either use the player command @joinbg to queue for BG, or speak with one of the Maroll Battleground Recruiter NPCs located in the following places:

  • prontera (158, 192)
  • comodo (173, 143)
  • morocc (172, 87)
  • geffen (136, 56)
  • payon (147, 80)
  • alberta (201, 120)
  • aldebaran (153, 108)
  • izlude (106, 114)
  • yuno (141, 178)
  • amatsu (192, 95)
  • gonryun (148, 114)
  • louyang (237, 100)
  • ayothaya (153, 123)

Player Commands

@joinbg - Join the queue for Battleground @leavebg - Leave the BG queue @changeleader - Changes your team leader


Currently there are five different Battleground modes enabled on TitanRO. They are outlined below.

Capture the Flag

Number of players needed: minimum 5v5 up to 30v30

Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner

The objective of the Flavius Battle CTS is to score 3 points before your enemy, by capturing their Flag. To capture a flag, you need to take the Enemy Flag, and bring it to your base. If your base flag is captured, you need to kill the Flag carrier and take the flag back to your base. Also make sure to protect the Flag carrier on your team from your enemies.

Team Deathmatch

Number of players needed: minimum 5v5 up to 30v30

Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner

Both teams start with 100 points. Killing a player costs the opposing team 1 point. Kill all the enemy players to reduce their points until they have none.


Number of players needed: minimum 5v5 up to 30v30

Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner

There are three bases: North, Center, and South which teams can capture by holding their position on them. Each base will give you points for every 5 seconds of domination. The first team to reach 99 points wins the match.

Stone Control

Number of players needed: minimum 5v5 up to 30v30

Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner

Take the stones in the middle of the battlefield and place them at your base. Each stone will give points to your team over time. First team to reach 99 points wins the game. Team Stones can also be captured by the enemy team, so protect them well!

Free For All

Number of players needed: Unknown

Reward: Unknown

The Free For All arena is a killfest between 10 players. There are no teams. The first player to reach 25 kills wins.


After each battle you're rewarded differing levels of 7773?.png War Badges. You then can exchange War Badges with the Telma NPC inside the Battlegrounds staging area. Telma's items fall into three categories: Battleground-bound items, WoE-bound items, and Titan Tokens. Badges are character-bound. Battleground-bound and WoE-bound items can only be used on a Battleground or WoE map. They are account-bound and can be placed in storage. They can't be dropped, traded, vended, traded to NPCs, sold, or mailed.

Battleground-bound items:

  • 100 White Potion: 1 Badge
  • 50 Blue Potion: 1 Badge
  • 40 Bottle Grenade: 1 Badge
  • 40 Acid Bottle: 1 Badge
  • 60 Plant Bottle: 1 Badge
  • 60 Marine Sphere Bottle: 1 Badge
  • 25 Glistening Coat: 1 Badge
  • 50 Yellow Gemstone: 1 Badge
  • 100 Red Gemstone: 1 Badge
  • 200 Blue Gemstone: 1 Badge
  • 10 Authoritative Badge: 1 Badge
  • 10 Poison Bottle: 1 Badge
  • 6 Lutie Lady's Pancake: 1 Badge
  • 6 Mastela Fruit Wine: 1 Badge
  • 6 Spicy Fried Bao: 1 Badge
  • 6 Steamed Bat Wing in Pumpkin: 1 Badge
  • 6 Green Salad: 1 Badge
  • 6 Fried Scorpion Tails: 1 Badge

WoE-bound items:

  • 40 White Potion: 4 Badges
  • 20 Blue Potion: 4 Badges
  • 20 Bottle Grenade: 8 Badges
  • 20 Acid Bottle: 4 Badges
  • 30 Plant Bottle: 4 Badges
  • 30 Marine Sphere Bottle: 4 Badges
  • 25 Glistening Coat: 8 Badges
  • 10 Authoritative Badge: 4 Badges
  • 6 Lutie Lady's Pancake: 8 Badges
  • 6 Mastela Fruit Wine: 8 Badges
  • 6 Spicy Fried Bao: 8 Badges
  • 6 Steamed Bat Wing in Pumpkin: 8 Badges
  • 6 Green Salad: 8 Badges
  • 6 Fried Scorpion Tails: 8 Badges

BG costumes:

These costumes are account-bound and are on a constant rotation, changing every week. They all cost 75 badges.

1 Titan Token: 75 Badges