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Date Summary Category Notes
[2018-09-07] Now offering Guild Package for new guilds joining the server Custom Feature
[2018-09-07] Added new automated World Event: Invasions
[2018-09-07] Added Achievement System and Titles Custom Feature
[2018-09-07] Updated the dead branch and monster hunting tables to include the new monsters from Abyss Lake and Hugel fields Content Update
[2018-09-07] Disabled no-longer-used WoE castles from Rotation 1
[2018-09-07] Now offering Guild Package for new guilds joining the server Custom Feature
[2018-09-07] Added new automated World Event: Invasions
[2018-09-07] Added Achievement System and Titles Custom Feature
[2018-09-07] Updated the dead branch and monster hunting tables to include the new monsters from Abyss Lake and Hugel fields Content Update
[2018-09-07] Disabled no-longer-used WoE castles from Rotation 1
[2018-09-01] War of Emperium castles have rotated to:
  • aldeg_cas01 (Neuschwanstein)
  • gefg_cas01 (Repherion)
Content Update
[2018-09-01] Enabled linked guild dungeon access available from both castles:
  • Payon guild dungeon
  • Prontera guild dungeon
Content Update
[2018-08-31] Abyss Lake dungeon Content Update
[2018-08-31] Added Hugel town and fields Content Update
[2018-08-31] Added Cooking quest is and monsters now dropping cooking items Content Update
[2018-08-31] Added Costume Egg 4 Custom Feature
[2018-08-31] Gunslinger and Ninja job experience tables have been corrected (lowered) Server Settings
[2018-08-31] Taekwon Mission no longer chooses Miniboss or Champion monsters Server Settings
[2018-08-31] Fixed a script error in the Izlude <-> Yuno airship that warped players to Yuno when they exited at Izlude
[2018-08-31] Removed Backpack accessory option from Little Poring as the client cannot support it Server Settings
[2018-08-24] Added TitanRO Mobile Client for Android
[2018-08-24] Added Daily Login Rewards Custom Feature
[2018-08-24] Homunculus now gain 10% of their owner's exp gain (owner still gains 100%) Custom Feature
[2018-08-24] You can now autopick items from the floor while in skill delay Server Settings
[2018-08-24] Fixed: Shield Boomerang now adds damage based on the refine level of the shield
[2018-08-24] Fixed named items granted by some NPCs being created incorrectly
[2018-08-24] Fixed Captain Carocc cutin permanently remaining on screen in some cases
[2018-08-17] Added Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon Boy/Girl, Star Gladiator, and Soul Linker classes Content Update
[2018-08-17] Re-enabled gunslinger and ninja specific NPCs and quests in Criatura Academy Custom Feature
[2018-08-17] Added Gunslinger and Ninja related merchants Content Update
[2018-08-17] Added Gunslinger and Ninja related items to OBB, OPB, and monster drop lists Content Update
[2018-08-10] Fixed Server crashes after queuing for Battlegrounds
[2018-08-10] Fixed Closing a vend or shop should now no longer cause the client to become "stuck"
[2018-08-10] Fixed an issue where guild skills could be stuck in permanent cooldown
[2018-08-10] Removed Ahlspiess and some Gunslinger items from monster drop lists
[2018-08-10] Fixed Client not correctly showing overweight at 70%
[2018-08-10] Fixed Sea Otter Card now correctly increaseing the heal rate of Sushi
[2018-08-03] Added Lighthalzen, Somatology Laboratory and platinum skills:
  • The quest to purchase Speed Potions is available in Lighthalzen
    • You can purchase up to 10 Speed Potions at a time from the NPC, instead of max 3
    • You can click on the final NPC location instead of having to walk through him
Content Update
[2018-08-03] Homunculus have an autofeeding option
[2018-08-03] Added Loading Screens from our Loading Screen contest
[2018-08-03] Removed Triple Inferno battleground mode and replaced it with Stone Control
[2018-08-03] Boss monsters now have a 35% chance to drop a Titan Token
[2018-08-03] Fixed the issue where mobs would instantly "de-stack" after losing their target
[2018-08-03] Players are now able to occupy the same cell
[2018-08-03] Re-enabled drops for the following:
  • Evil Snake Lord - Hellfire
  • RSX - Dagger of Counter
  • Chimera - Great Axe
  • Bloody Knight - Katzbalger
  • Mini Demon - Ahlspiess
  • Bloody Murderer - Ginnungagap
[2018-08-03] Updated drop tables for OBB, OPB, OCA
[2018-08-03] Updated drop tables for some champion monsters
[2018-08-03] Fly wing / Teleport skill is enabled in Lighthalzen map
[2018-08-03] Updated drop tables for some champion monsters
[2018-08-03] Refunded Sweet Milks used by players, due to the bug where Savage Babe was unable to be tamed
[2018-07-13] Fixed a bug around Rogue Slyness / Gangster's Paradise skill
[2018-08-03] Doubled vendor spot vertical density in Prontera, so we can fit twice as many vendors in the same space Custom Feature
[2018-07-27] Added Costume Egg 3 Custom Feature
[2018-07-27] Added Name Change Coupon (50 Titan Tokens) Custom Feature
[2018-07-27] Monks regen SP naturally after using Asura
[2018-07-27]  Re-added Juperos monsters to Yuno bounty board Custom Feature
[2018-07-27] Added a Kill Tracker to Titan Guide for those who want to check how many monsters they've killed in the past 1, 3, and 7 days Custom Feature
[2018-07-27] Fixed Sweet Milk taming item for Savage Babe (it was always failing)
[2018-07-27] Updated navigation system to include Juperos monsters
[2018-07-20] Added Juperos Ruins dungeon:
  • Removed guns from Juperos monsters until Gunslinger releases
  • Vesper still drops Vesper Cores although trans classes are not yet available
Content Update
[2018-07-20] Added Geffenia/ The Sign Quest:
  • Engel and Metz ask you to wait 2 hours, instead of the hour based dropoff time
  • The Sign is account bound and able to be put in storage
  • Characters are limited to equipping 1 The Sign at a time
  • Incubus Gold Ring drop rate reduced from 14.26% to 4.93% to reduce the rate of zeny inflation
Content Update
[2018-07-20] Removed Umbala Dungeon:
  • The portal from Umbala now goes directly to the Yggdrasil Tree
  • 10 Wooden Golems have been added to um_fild01 and um_fild04
Content Update
[2018-07-20] Enable Buying Shops:
  • Merchants can get the purchasing skill and licenses for 200z each, in the Merchant Guild in Alberta
  • Non-merchants can get a purchase license from the black market in Morroc for 500z each
[2018-07-20] Autotraders now have a timeout period of 7 days
[2018-07-20] Autotrade is currently only available in Prontera, to encourage a central marketplace
[2018-07-20] In Prontera, vending is only allowed on cells marked with a sign placeholder
[2018-07-20] Basic Skill is now required to sit, form parties, etc
[2018-07-20] Cleaned up WoE start/stop announcement that listed the unavailable castles as being unoccupied
[2018-07-20] Fixed Pet Egg descriptions to be accurate -- there is no Cordial / Loyal bonus, only Loyal
[2018-07-13] Added missing Einbroch NPCs
[2018-07-13] In Battlegrounds and PvP arenas, skills cost 0 zeny
[2018-07-13] BG-only items are usable in PvP arenas.
[2018-07-13] Enabled Izlude airship
[2018-07-13] Added statistics tracking code for War of Emperium
[2018-07-13] Added missing einbroch/yuno maps to map of the week rotation Custom Feature
[2018-07-13] Added statistics tracking code for War of Emperium
[2018-07-13] Fix hunter job change quest asking for renewal-based items instead of classic
[2018-07-06] Our first War of Emperium is Saturday, July 7:
  • Enabled castles aldeg_cas03, prtg_cas03, gefg_cas03, payg_cas03
  • All other castle flags and warps are removed to reduce possible mix-ups
[2018-07-06] Battlegrounds fixes/improvements:
  • Fixed initial team assignments
  • Fixed multiple IP check
  • Battleground kill counts halved for Team Deathmatch
  • Battleground kill counts halved for Triple Inferno
  • Added a repair/storage NPC
[2018-07-06] Plant type defense now takes 1 damage from Hunter traps Server Settings
[2018-07-06] Enabled Yuno and Izlude airports/airship
[2018-07-06] Fixed Osiris loot table, now drops Assassin Dagger
[2018-07-06] Updated OBB, OPB, OCA drop lists for Einbroch content
[2018-07-06] Updated navigation window data for Einbroch content
[2018-07-06] Fixed 5 dimensional pets, now limited to 2 dimensions
[2018-06-29] Content Update: Einbroch Content Update
[2018-06-29] Added Costume Egg 2 Custom Feature
[2018-06-29] Pantie Signing NPC Custom Feature
[2018-06-29] Added countdown to WoE in Titan Guide
[2018-06-29] Updated Battlegrounds targetting
[2018-06-29] MVPs and minibosses start off dead after a maintenance Server Settings
[2018-06-29] Fixed an error allowing BG/WoE-bound items to be traded
[2018-06-29] Enabled mineffect and hiding damage numbers in Battlegrounds
[2018-06-29] Cards can no longer be stolen
[2018-06-29] Joining a battleground in progress with @joinbg can be done 1 at a time
[2018-06-29] Fixed more issues concerning "ghost mobs "
[2018-06-29] Limit battlegrounds to 30v30 instead of 35v35 Server Settings
[2018-06-22] Announced War of Emperium 2018-07-07 Castles: Nuernberg, Yesnelph, Holy Shadow, Fadhgrindh
[2018-06-22] Added the Battleground system:
  • Fixed Battle Recruiter script. Battleground queues now working as intended
Server Settings
[2018-06-22] Added a 2 second delay to talking in #main
[2018-06-22] Blocked the typing of more than 3 consecutive spaces
[2018-06-22] Heal skill using Classic formula now Custom Feature
[2018-06-22] @monsterinfo and @iteminfo are no longer case sensitive.
[2018-06-22] Fixed "ghost mobs" by changing mob death animation to be instantaneous
[2018-06-13] Updated the ATK/MATK of all monsters to their classic values Server Settings
[2018-06-13] Player MATK has been buffed Server Settings
[2018-06-13] Stylist now costs 10 Titan Tokens to unlock his services forever Custom Feature
[2018-06-13] Added moderator permissions and display to #main chat
[2018-06-13] Added a shop tracker to Control Panel
[2018-06-13] Enabled Mob and Item Database on Control Panel
[2018-06-13] Loot protection timer has been increased Server Settings
[2018-06-13] Fixed Bowling Bash. It should now always hit twice, even on diagonals
[2018-06-13] Fixed Gae Bolg quest Re-enabled Assassin Bar in Morroc
[2018-06-13] Fixed defense granted from armor upgrades. Now using renewal values
[2018-06-07] Corrected ASPD formula when dual wielding
[2018-06-07] Krongast NPC (used in Blacksmith job change) moved to better location
[2018-06-07] Fixed quest log instructions for Blacksmith job change quest
[2018-06-07] Fixed Acolyte Training Quest item sets
[2018-06-07] Disabled Comodo gambling NPCs Server Settings
[2018-06-07] Stylist NPC added with 77 available dyes Custom Feature
[2018-06-07] Removed Battle Hook from Abysmal Knight
[2018-06-07] Bounty Board updates:
  • Reduced Bounty Board kill count to 100 from 150
  • Reduced EXP given from Bounty Boards to 50% per kill instead of 75%
  • Bounty Board EXP no longer affected by spotlight
Custom Feature
[2018-06-07] Land Mine splits damage across targets instead of dealing full damage to all targets
[2018-06-07] Fixed Criatura Thief Quest
[2018-06-07] Fixed Criatura Adept Adventurer quest log navigation entry
[2018-06-07] Updated size modifiers and element table to Renewal instead of Classic
[2018-06-07] Fixed moc_fild03 portal issue
[2018-06-07] Updated #main, #trade, #party colors to be more readable
[2018-06-07] Added #ru language channel, renamed #tl to #ph
[2018-06-07] Fixed monsters sometimes losing their MATK value
[2018-05-31] Fixed Monster Taming NPC location in Izlude
[2018-05-31] Fixed inability to marry:
  • Tuxedo can be equipped
  • Supernovice can wear wedding dress
[2018-05-31] Change spotlights to a 3 day rotation from 7 days Custom Feature
[2018-05-31] Add Lutie Kafra for storage Server Settings
[2018-05-31] Removed Juperos monsters from Juno Bounty Board
[2018-05-31] Made Criatura hat non-refinable
[2018-05-31] Fixed Novice Poring Card + Criatura Hat item combo
[2018-05-31] Updated GepardShield to work better with Wine for Mac/Linux users
[2018-05-31] Fixed Concentration potion giving the same ASPD buff as Awakening Potion
[2018-05-31] Medicine Bowl price has been lowered to correct price
[2018-05-31] Hunter Job Change item sets have been corrected to classic item sets instead of renewal
[2018-05-31] Geek Glasses are now sold in Alberta
[2018-05-26] Fix taming Little Poring monster
[2018-05-26] MVPs no longer drop items not available in episode 8
[2018-05-26] Max guild size limited to 56 from 76 Server Settings
[2018-05-26] Fix incorrect damage on some ranged monsters
[2018-05-26] Add Costume Egg 1 to Titan Guide in the Token Shop Custom Feature
[2018-05-26] Storm Gust pushes monsters randomly Server Settings
[2018-05-26] Add @time command Server Settings
[2018-05-26] Add @showexp to Titan Guide default login settings configurator
[2018-05-25] TitanRO Launch
[2018-05-24] Account registrations open for Launch
[2018-05-22] Added EXP viewer to client Custom Feature
[2018-05-22] Limited consumables to 2 per second Changed to 5 per second 2018-06-04
[2018-05-22] Added large card sprites Custom Feature
[2018-05-22] PvP warper available at most towns Custom Feature
[2018-05-22] Added language-specific chat channels (#pt, #ph, #ru, ...) Server Settings
[2018-05-22] Increased Anubis MATK
[2018-05-22] Allow @autotrade in towns only Server Settings
[2018-05-22] Add middle Prontera Kafra
[2018-05-22] Add limited stat reset "Stat Regretter" NPC, 5 points per week Custom Feature
[2018-05-22] Switch to Revo-Classic EXP tables Server Settings
[2018-05-22] Limit Elunium, Oridecon, Rough Elunium, Rough Oridecon to Revo-Classic rates Server Settings
[2018-05-22] Remove Bowling Bash gutterlines Custom Feature
[2018-05-22] Add 43 more maps that can be memo for warp portal Server Settings
[2018-05-22] Reduce character deletion timer to 30 minutes from 24 hours Server Settings
[2018-05-21] Fixed Hunter trap damage formula Custom Feature
[2018-05-21] Added TitanRO overlay to screenshots
[2018-05-21] Removed more Criatura NPCs related to cooking
[2018-05-21] Removed Nightmare pyramids warper
[2018-05-21] Reduce Asura Strike aftercast block to 3 seconds from 10 seconds Custom Feature
[2018-05-21] Configure MvPs to not be stuck inside of icewalls Server Settings
[2018-05-21] Reduce Bowling Bash gutter line width Gutter lines removed 2018-05-22
[2018-05-19] Created Test Server
[2018-05-19] Updated client: restore minimize/close buttons, fix tip box menu
[2018-05-19] Updated client GepardShield configuration
[2018-05-19] Fixed Criatura quests:
  • Fixed crashing at Attribute Expert
  • Updated savepoint of characters after leaving starting island
  • Removed baselevel requirement for Merchant NPC
  • Fixed getting stuck at Archer NPC
  • Removed cooking NPCs
  • Removed old novice ground NPCs from Criatura Garden
[2018-05-19] Enabled same-sex marriage Server Settings
[2018-05-19] Fixed Byalan Kafra for Merchant job change
[2018-05-18] Implemented old Morroc fields (removed Continental Guard, Dimensional Gorge)
[2018-05-18] Cleaned up Criatura NPCs (removed Gunslinger/Ninja references, removed enchant NPCs)
[2018-05-18] Buffed monster MATK to match Revo-Classic standards
[2018-05-18] #main chat channel defaults to on Server Settings
[2018-05-18] Updated translations for News Quest tab
[2018-05-18] Removed Eden Warper signboards
[2018-05-15] Removed Hunter/Blacksmith job change quests from Hugel/Geffen
[2018-05-15] Fixed mobs not using all their skills
[2018-05-15] Fixed too-low Emperium HP
[2018-05-15] Fixed Criatura 1st and 2nd floor maps
[2018-05-15] Removed language filter Server Settings
[2018-05-15] Fixed "private_airplane" related resource errors
[2018-05-15] Updated client translation
[2018-05-15] Removed monster talking Server Settings
[2018-05-14] PIN code system removed from client login Server Settings
[2018-05-14] Party bonus formula: everyone gets +25% exp per party member on screen when a monster dies Custom Feature
[2018-05-14] Max party size returned to 12 Server Settings
[2018-05-14] Restricted progression content to Episode 8 Server Settings
[2018-05-14] Implemented iRO aspd formula (higher aspd than kRO/default) Custom Feature
[2018-05-14] Rates set to 5x exp, 3x quest exp, 3x drops, 1x Miniboss/MvP cards, 1x MvP items Server Settings
[2018-05-14] TitanRO Beta Launch
[2018-05-09] Enabled TitanRO forum theme
[2018-05-09] Domain name change to to from
[2018-05-06] Created issue tracker in Github
[2018-05-06] Created TitanRO wiki site
[2018-05-06] Enabled chat channels system (#main, #trade, #support, #map, ...) Server Settings
[2018-05-06] Added last login date to guild screen Server Settings
[2018-05-03] Corrected / increased monster physical attack calculation
[2018-04-30] Typo / spelling / grammar fixes
[2018-04-30] Reverted heal to Classic formula (based on level + int, not MATK) Custom Feature
[2018-03-26] Created TitanRO Discord server
[2018-03-22] Enabled @skreset (skill reset) and @streset (stat reset) Reverted after Alpha
[2018-03-22] Teleport level selectable, level 1 bypasses menu Server Settings
[2018-03-22] Enabled eAmod / hBG custom Battlegrounds Custom Feature
[2018-03-14] Fixed MVP lua script error
[2018-03-14] Enable 548 clothing dyes Custom Feature
[2018-03-14] Alpha Launch
[2018-03-11] Enabled client patcher
[2018-03-11] Added @guildhp command to see guild member HP outside of party Custom Feature
[2018-03-09] Removed fixed cast times from skill database Server Settings
[2018-03-09] Enabled mob, item database in Control Panel
[2018-03-08] Updated DEF, MDEF, stats of monster database
[2018-03-08] Added Champion monster system Custom Feature
[2018-03-06] Reset played time tracking, due to a tracking bug
[2018-03-06] Removed mailboxes around towns
[2018-03-06] Changed to 3 drop attempts instead of 3x drop rate Custom Feature
[2018-03-06] Removed HP bar from boss monsters Server Settings
[2018-03-06] Emperium updated to "plant-type" defense Server Settings
[2018-03-04] Added eAmod / hBG custom Battlegrounds:
  • Capture the Flag
  • Eye of Storm
  • Triple Inferno
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Bossnia
  • Conquest
  • Stone Control
  • Domination
  • Rush
  • Free For All
Custom Feature
[2018-03-04] Added Hunting/Bounty Boards Custom Feature
[2018-02-28] Doubled the following card drop rates:
  • Raydric Card
  • Thara Frog Card
  • Hydra Card
  • Marc Card
Custom Feature Removed Raydric 2018-05-14
[2018-02-28] Added Glasses[1] and Sunglasses[1] to OPB Custom Feature Removed Glasses[1] 2018-05-14
[2018-02-28] Updated party exp: everyone on screen gets 100% Reverted 2018-05-14
[2018-02-28] Fixed incorrect exp bonus from mob of the week
[2018-02-28] Fixed error in death logging when player dies to monster
[2018-02-28] Fixed shopkeepers in Izlude and Morroc
[2018-02-28] Disable Hallucination (wavy screen) effect Server Settings
[2018-02-28] Increase Homunculus hunger rate, loyalty gain Custom Feature
[2018-02-28] Change damage timing to mid-attack rather than before or after attack Custom Feature
[2018-02-28] Reduce flinch delay to 60% from 80% Server Settings
[2018-02-28] Enable kills and deaths logging Custom Feature
[2018-02-28] Upgrade database server
[2018-02-28] Add control panel
[2018-02-26] Track played time Custom Feature
[2018-02-26] Add guidebook script Custom Feature
[2018-02-26] Enable party endless share range Custom Feature
[2018-02-24] Enable autopick, disable autoloot Custom Feature
[2018-02-23] Enable Revo-Classic mechanics Server Settings
[2018-02-21] Implement Criatura Academy Custom Feature
[2018-02-20] Fixed Izlude NPC locations
[2018-02-20] Increased max party size to 12 Reverted 2018-05-14
[2018-02-19] Enabled @commands:
  • @autoloot
  • @iteminfo
  • @mobinfo
  • @whodrops
  • @who
  • @uptime
  • @whereis
Server Settings
[2018-02-19] Added Map/Monster/Dungeon of the week Custom Feature