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How To Contribute

If you're interested in helping us maintain the wiki, we would love your help! The fastest way to get an account is to visit the #wiki channel on the TitanRO Discord. We need help with everything:

  • spell checking
  • grammar checking
  • ensuring all links are accurate and work
  • translating content into other languages
  • adding guides
  • class information, etc.

We'd love for you to become as involved as you'd like to be, so get in touch to get an account!

New To Contributing?

This section outlines a couple of important resources for those new to contributing to a wiki.

  • Read all of the Media Wiki Help pages.
  • We track all of what needs to be added / updated using Trello. Make an account there and let us know your username, so we can add you to the team.
  • Go over the available Templates on our wiki.
  • For now, all guides and skills link to pages on iROWiki. If the iROWiki page is incorrect for our server, or there's another reason why you think something should have its own page, go ahead and make one! We have done this with the Heal skill, for example. Also, Cast Time.
  • GIFs are made using Screen To GIF (Gif 2 encoding when saving).
  • If possible, avoid adding an entire screenshot to a Wiki page. Instead, crop out the important part of the screenshot and use that. If you must use an entire screenshot, use the thumbnail option when inserting the image into a page. See Help:Images for more information about image formatting.

Page Translations

Pages with translations live at a sub-page from the English page and use the language code as their title. For example: Notice the 'pt' at the end of the URL? That's the Portuguese version of the "Introduction to TitanRO" page.

Once we have a translation of a page, we then link to the translation on the English page using the Template:Translation Notice. This template goes at the very top of the English page.

If you create a new English page, or edit an existing English page, please make sure you let the language translators know that it's been updated, so they can update the translated version. Also, language translators, please check the pages frequently for updates, so you can make sure your translation is as up to date as possible. Thanks!