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The Criatura Academy is the new official novice area and tutorial. Below you will find a detailed guide for all the available quests; for a short video guide on how to do only what you need to, click here (thanks to salvaire and Llamacorn!).

The Start

Your new character starts in a room on a ship, following the navigation will lead you out of the portal. Once outside, you will see a Wounded Swordsman with a quest icon over his head. He tells you to find the captain without him.

Criatura 1.PNG

Leave through the bottom portal to leave the ship, where you will find Captain Carocc, also with a quest icon above his head. Talk to him and he will tell you about a ship that will take you to Izlude, but first he gives you a quest to kill Porings to get lumber for the ship repairs. The lumber ends up in your inventory automatically after you kill a Poring.

Talk to Lumin to the left of him to get more information; he also tells you to walk into the portal in the south west to get off the island.

Criatura 2.PNG

Find the sailor in the south west and talk to him, he gives you EXP and 611?.png 5 Magnifier. After that, you can leave through the portal to get to Izlude. Once you leave the island, your save point will become Izlude.

Criatura 4.PNG

Once in Izlude, talk to Captain Carocc. He tells you about the Criatura Academy, and gives you a quest to visit Hun. Go talk to Criatura Academy Staff (izlude 122, 207), who happens to be Hun. He teaches you about how to use Items, and gives you an Apple Juice to drink. Double-click the Apple Juice to drink it. For finishing his quest, he will give you 569?.png 30 Novice Potion, 7060?.png 2 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 2 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

Criatura 5.PNG

Next, talk to the Information Staff NPC next to Hun. He will ask you to play a game. He will mark three locations on your mini-map. Go and visit all of them! Click on the Bulletin Board at the location to activate quest dialog. Even though Lumin took all the treasures you were supposed to find, the Information Staff NPC will still give you some EXP, 569?.png 20 Novice Potion, 12323?.png 20 Novice Fly Wing, 12324?.png 10 Novice Butterfly Wing, 7060?.png 2 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 1 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

Academy Quests

Learning Play Dead

Criatura 6.PNG

Talk to Instructor Argos (140, 260) to learn 143.png Play Dead . Just don’t talk to him for 20 seconds to learn the skill.

Registering for the Academy

Criatura 7.PNG

Speak to Academy Receptionist (100, 39) and select “Register for the Academy”. She gives you some EXP and the following starter items: 18730?.png Criatura Hat, 569?.png 300 Novice Potion, and 6593?.png Criatura Hair Coupon.

Selecting “Location for Trainers” then selecting “Game Mechanic Tutorial Instructors” or “1st job trainers” will bring up a list of hyperlinks for each NPC. Clicking a link will bring up the Navigation Tab to guide you to the NPC you selected.

Selecting “Location for Trainers” then trying to select “Return to the previous menu” or “End Conversation” refreshes the same page, you cannot return to previous menu or end the conversation using these options at this time.

You can talk to the different job NPCs on the second floor of the academy, you can take a skill book which gives you some of the class skills, as long as you are not past base level 12.

Monster Combat Quests

Criatura 8.PNG

These quests have a level requirement of base 15, so it's good to get them before you do the other quests. Go speak with Subino (59, 83) in the Armory, choose "Check requests" and take all the quests. To finish the quests, you must do the following:

Quest Kill Collect Monster Location
1 10 Poring 5 Jellopy prt_fild08
2 10 Lunatic 1 Carrot prt_fild08
3 10 Fabre 3 Fluff prt_fild00
4 5 Pupa 2 Shell prt_fild00, prt_fild08
5 10 Hornet 3 Bee Sting prt_fild00

He will warp you to prt_fild08 for free (the map 1 West of Izlude). Once you've killed all the monsters and gathered all the items, return to Subino and receive EXP and 7060?.png 4 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 5 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

First Aid and Red Herb Quest

Criatura 9.PNG

Talk to the Therapist (59, 43) and choose the second option to get 142.png First Aid .

Talk to the Therapist again and select ‘Red Herb Quest’. Go outside and speak to the Academy Student next to the Red Herb (or walk up to the herb to trigger the dialogue). He gives you a 507?.png Red Herb.

Criatura 15.PNG

Go back to the Therapist and select ‘Red Herb Quest’ and she will give you Base EXP, 569?.png 30 Novice Potions, 512?.png 1 Apple, 7060?.png 4 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 2 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

General Store Manager

When doing the Little Poring Quest, if you're not able to tame a Little Poring on the first try, you can purchase additional taming items at this NPC.

Hairstyle Change

If you want to change your hairstyle and color, talk to Otter Samssoon.

Read style book - shows you the styles you can choose from

Change hairstyle - lets you change hairstyle and color

Cafeteria - Status Effects Tutorial

Criatura 11.PNG

Speak with Trainer Mainz, who explains about different status effects. Talk to him twice to get Base and Job EXP, 512?.png Apple, 7060?.png 4 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 1 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

Attributes Tutorial and Pet System Tutorial

Criatura 12.PNG

In the Armory, speak to the Attribute Expert. Choose “Experience of attribute” and get quest. Hit one of the Lvl 10 Fire Eggs, talk to NPC again and tell him how much damage you did, then talk to him again and get additional Base and Job EXP, 7060?.png 5 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 2 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

Criatura 13.PNG

Talk to the Adept Adventurer and he explains what pets are. Ask him that you want a pet and he warps you to the gardens.

In the gardens, talk to the Friendly Poring and choose “Can I help you?”. He gives you 12846?.png 5 Little Unripe Apple and teaches you how to tame a Little Poring. Walk around the map and tame a Little Poring. If you don't tame a Little Poring with the 5 you were given, go to the General Store Manager and buy more.

Criatura 14.PNG

Then talk to the Friendly Poring and the Adept Adventurer again and then the Friendly Poring will eventually give you a 643?.png Pet Incubator and 531?.png Apple Juice.

Mayssel Quest

Note: This quest also has a level requirement where you need to be above base level 12 to get the rewards.

Go upstairs to Mayssel (iz_ac02 52, 136) and speak to her. When she asks if you want to know about the Thief class, choose Yes, please.. She will then instruct you to talk to Verkhasel and Vicente. After talking with them and answering their quiz, talk to Mayssel again to get 569?.png 30 Novice Potion and 611?.png 20 Magnifier.

Izlude Town Quests

Shop Helper Quest

Criatura 16.PNG

Talk to Shop Helper (115, 181) in Izlude. Choose “Ok I’ll listen!”. Then talk to her again and choose “Experience training.” She’ll tell you to go buy 501?.png 1 Red Potion.

Go into the Izlude Tool Shop and buy a Red Potion from the Tool Dealer. Talk to the Shop Helper Leonie again she gives you EXP and 12323?.png 50 Novice Fly Wing.

Talk to her again to get another quest. Sell the can she gives you to one of the NPCs in the Tool Shop. As a reward she will give you EXP, 12324?.png 10 Novice Butterfly Wing, 7060?.png 4 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 2 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

Refining Tutorial

Criatura 17.PNG

Talk to Refinery Owner Han (153, 126) and choose “refining? Is it edible?”. Talk with Refining Machine Wagjak and choose your 1201?.png Knife and it will refine it to +1. Note: Can be any Level 1 Weapon, doesn't just have to be a Knife.

Talk to Han again, and he tells you to talk to Tadde (145, 122). Speak with Tadde, and choose “Finish the question”. Speak with Han again.

Speak with Locas who talks to you more about refining (price and effect). Choose “Finish the question”. Then speak with Han one last time and get EXP, 7060?.png 5 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and 7059?.png 5 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage.

Once you have the minimum of Base level 10 and Job level 10 you can proceed to the second floor of the academy to talk to the your respective class NPC and be sent to the respective area to proceed with job change.