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Job Base: Archer
Job Type: 2-1
Job Bonuses
+4 +6 +2 +4 +10 +4

Job Change

Ready to change into a Hunter? Click here for the Hunter Job Change Guide.

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
117.png Anklesnare Set a trap that will bind an enemy to the ground for the skill's duration, which is affected by the AGI of the target. 5 Active
126.png Beast Bane Increase Attack Power against Brute and Insect monsters. 10 Passive
122.png Blast Mine Set a trap that will automatically explode after a specific time period determined by the level of the skill. 5 Offensive
129.png Blitz Beat Command Falcon to attack a targeted enemy. Leveling this skill also increases the chance of automatic attacks from the Falcon when attacking an enemy with a Bow Class Weapon. The Falcon's Attack Range is equal to the level of the Vulture's Eye skill +3. 5 Offensive
123.png Claymore Trap Set a trap which will inflict splashed damage. 5 Offensive
130.png Detect Command a Falcon to detect hidden enemies from a distance. 4 Active
127.png Falconry Mastery Enable renting of a Falcon from the Hunter Guild. 1 Passive
120.png Flasher Set a trap which will emit intense light, which may inflict the target with the Blind status. 5 Active
121.png Freezing Trap Set a trap which will freeze an enemy once it has been triggered. 5 Offensive
116.png Land Mine Set a trap which will explode once an enemy steps on it. 5 Offensive
124.png Remove Trap Remove a trap that has been set on the ground, as well as regain that Trap item. 1 Active
119.png Sandman Set a trap that will cause the enemy that steps on it, as well as enemies within the trap's range, to fall asleep. 5 Active
118.png Shockwave Trap Set a trap which will drain SP away from enemies. 5 Active
115.png Skid Trap Set a trap which will make an enemy slide in the direction that the caster was facing at the moment the trap was set. 5 Active
131.png Spring Trap Command Falcon to remove a set trap from a distance. 5 Active
128.png Steel Crow Increase the damage inflicted by Falcon. 10 Passive
125.png Talkie Box Set a trap which will last for 600 seconds and will display a prepared message for the person who triggers it. 1 Active


Pure Trap Hunter/ MVP Build


Stat Range
VIT 1 - 31
INT 91-99
DEX 99


This build is designed to maximize trap damage for easy leveling and to be able to solo mvps. My 99 hunter does approximately 18-25k damage in a single trap with the correct element. One of the biggest benefits of this build include having one of the highest single target damage in the game with essentially no gear. This build is by far a faster leveler solo, when compared to agi hunter builds. The biggest downfall is that you are very squishy (like a glass cannon wizard), so you need to be able to kite well when fighting monsters.

Suggested Stat Progression

61 DEX > 21 INT > 81 DEX > 41 INT > 99 DEX > 99 INT (OR 91 INT and rest into VIT, if preferred)

Recommended Skill Progression

Blast Mine lvl 5 > Land Mine lvl 5 > Claymore lvl 5 > Ankle Snare lvl 5 > Remove Trap lvl 1 > Blitz Beat lvl 5 > Steel Crow lvl 10 > Spring Trap lvl 5

Things to Note

All damage traps generally follow this formula : Damage = [DEX × (3 + Base_Lv ÷ 100) × (1 + INT ÷ 35)] × Skill_Lv ± 10%

Arrow Shower lets you push traps and stack certain traps on top of one another, which is beneficial in some scenarios.

Blast Mine = Wind Element, can be bounced 3 cells away from attacker by auto-attacking the trap

Land Mine = Earth Element, can be stacked on top of one another using arrow shower, has a chance to stun a monster

Claymore = Fire Element, CANNOT be stacked/ must be placed 2 cells apart from one another so they do not blow each other up, consumes 2 traps

Traps can be purchased in the Eden tool dealer, or Prontera tool dealer, or Payon (indoor tool dealer)

Suggested Gear

You essentially do NOT need any particular gear for this build because traps are NOT effected by your weapon, however some gear will allow you to level faster and with more ease.

Headgear - Apple of Archer/ Myst Case Fairy Flower

Upper Mid - Binoculars / Dark Blinder

Lower - n/a

Armor - Tights, Bathory Card (to fight Anubis), Marc Card(to MVP Stormy Knight and Haiti), Evil Druid to MVP Phreeoni)

Weapon - Double Dexterous Arbalest Bow (drops cards for dex), Hunter Bow (double strafe and arrow shower damage), Fortune Sword (if wearing a shield)

Shield - Horn Guard (35% ranged reduction also works on magic, which can let you live vs MVPs)

Shoes - Vidar Shoes, Eggyra Shoes (best shoes to regen SP when soloing)

Garment - Vali's Manteau, Noxious Card, Raydric Card

Accessories - Zerom Glove (VERY luxury, not recommended to get but it is best in slot for damage), Earring, Teleport Clip (Creamy Card), Heal Clip (Vitata Card)

Leveling Strategy

Always consider spotlights first. You can click your Titan Guide in your inventory to check and see if any monsters in those areas favor trap hunters.

The bulk of your leveling is highly recommended to be done at Anolians (Cmd_fld03)with a buff slave warper. The exp is extremely good combined with the hunting board quest from Eden. Loots are very good too with common drops like Anolian Skin that NPCs for a decent amount and loots such as Oridecon and Brooch(1)that sell well on market. You should be able to 3 shot Anolians as soon as you get Blast Mine lvl 5; You should be able to two shot Anolians in your late 70s; You should be able to ONE SHOT Anolians with Blast Mine in your mid 90s IF you are a pure damage build. If you are close to one shotting, it may be easier for you to lay down one trap, followed up with a double strafe or an auto-attack.

Sleepers are also a very good option and you can one shot them earlier than you would be able to on Anolians. There is also a turn in for sleepers. Great Natures can be broken down in Umbala in exchange for Green Lives which can be sold for significantly more zeny to the NPC.

Anubis are also a good option and can be three shot with Claymore Trap, however a Bathory Carded Armor is necessary to avoid getting one shot by dark soul strike.

If you notice a party is going on, you can assist in mobby areas with Blitz Beat spam in strings/bragi, or kill threats on the party with your traps.

MVP Strategy

There are several ways you can lay down traps depending on the situation. Each MVP has its own unique strategy for you to discover. I have a few examples of variations to trapping you can utilize.

In tight spots without a lot of room to kite, you can stack Land Mines with Arrow Shower. You may also want to use Land Mine lvl 4 if you find your traps are popping too quickly. Some MVPs that move extremely quickly (such as Osiris) can be killed by putting a large line of traps (over 10) then walking down the line. Try putting down traps in two lines then luring the MVP in between both lines, to double up on damage. If there is competition for the MVP, it's recommended you place traps one by one and kite at max distance so MVPs do not cast spells on you. When there is competition, you can also spring trap opposing enemy hunter traps to block their damage. In a lot of cases, do not be concerned of using a weaker element trap versus certain MVPs because the ease of placing down traps makes up for the damage (a good example is when fighting Golden Thief Bug, I use land mines because they last longer and can be stacked easier). When fighting MVPs with a lot of HP such as RSX, I do a double line of 5 traps (10 traps total), then I ankle snare the MVP to reset the next set of 10 traps).