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Job Base: Swordman
Job Type: 2-1
Job Bonuses
+8 +2 +10 +0 +6 +4

Job Change

Ready to change into a Knight? Click here for the Knight Job Change Guide.

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
62.png Bowling Bash Strike an enemy with massive force, causing it to tumble away and damage other enemies that happen to be in its path. 10 Offensive
57.png Brandish Spear A powerful lancing strike made while riding a Peco Peco. Requires Spear Class Weapon and can only be performed while mounted on a Peco Peco. 10 Offensive
64.png Cavelry Mastery Increase Attack Speed while mounted on a Peco Peco. Mastering this skill raises Attack Speed so that Attack Speed reduction while mounted on a Peco Peco is fully nullified. 5 Passive
61.png Auto Counter After receiving close range damage from an enemy, automatically retaliate with a mighty critical attack. 5 Active
63.png Peco Peco Ride Enables riding of Peco Peco mounts. Rented from the Prontera Chivalry. 1 Passive
56.png Pierce Attack an enemy using a thrusting stab with a number of additional hits that will depend on the monster's size. 10 Offensive
59.png Spear Boomerang Attack an enemy from a distance by hurling a spear. Requires Spear Class Weapon. 5 Offensive
55.png Spear Mastery Increase damage with Spears. 10 Passive
58.png Spear Stab Attack an enemy with a forceful spear stab that will knock it back a distance. Requires Spear Class Weapon. 10 Offensive
60.png Two Hand Quicken Temporarily increase Attack Speed with Two Handed Sword Class Weapons. 10 Supportive