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Job Base: Novice
Job Type: First
Job Bonuses
+3 +3 +1 +2 +7 +2

Job Change

For the Merchant Job Change Guide, see here.


Besides the Platinum Skill Quests, the Merchant class also can do a training quest, which gives them Base and Job EXP, a Battle Axe, and 10 Red Potions.

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
37.png Discount Decreases the prices of items sold by NPC shops. 10 Passive
36.png Enlarge Weight Limit Increase Maximum Weight Limit. 10 Passive
40.png Item Appraisal Identify an unknown item, making it available for use. 1 Active
42.png Mammonite Inflict surprising damage to a target by spending an amount of zeny determined by the level of skill that is cast. 10 Offensive
38.png Overcharge Increases amount of zeny received for items sold to NPC shops. 10 Passive
39.png Pushcart Enables rental and use of Pushcarts which provide additional storage for items, although items cannot be directly used or equipped from a Pushcart. Pushcarts can be rented from Kafra Employees. 10 Passive
41.png Vending Open a street stall for selling items to other players. Skill level affects the number of items that can be vended at one time. 10 Supportive

Platinum Skill

Skill Description Type Quest
153.png Cart Revolution A splashed damage attack in which a Pushcart is smashed into a target. Inflicts 150% of the damage of a normal attack in addition to extra damage from the weight of items in Pushcart. Offensive Cart Revolution Quest
154.png Change Cart Change Pushcart appearance. There are five different Pushcart styles that are chosen according to the character's Base Level. Active Change Cart Quest
155.png Crazy Uproar Scream with battle vigor to add +4 STR for 5 minutes. Active Crazy Uproar Quest
2535.png Buying Store Open a simple store from which you can buy various items from others. Consumes 1 Bulk Buyer Shop License. Active Buying Store Quest