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A list of @ commands available to players

Server Commands

These are commands which provide information from the server or gameplay enhancements.

  • @monsterinfo <monster_name> - Shows information about a mob such as stats and drops.
  • @whereis <monster_name> - Shows the spawn location of monsters.
  • @iteminfo <item_name> - Shows information about an item such as price and drop chance.
  • @whodrops <item_name> - Will display a list of mobs that drop an item and the chance of it dropping.
  • @whosells <item_name> - Displays a list of players vending that item and their location.
Results of @whosells pearl
  • @autotrade - Used when vending to disconnect your client but leave your shop open.
  • @autoloot - Toggles on/off TitanRO's autoloot system.
  • @guildhp - Toggles on/off showing guild members' HP bars.
  • @noks - Toggles on/off noks mode. Will prevent other people from killing mobs you are attacking.
  • @time - Displays the current server time

LGP Commands

LGP commands allow for additional client-side displays such as circles at a certain range or the location of aoe spells.

  • @lgp <on|off> - Enables/Disables LGP
  • @shake <on|off> - Enable/Disable screen shaking effects
  • @square <on|off|1-14> - Enables/Disables the display of a square around your character of up to 14 tiles
  • @circle <on|off> -Enables/Disables the display of a circle around your character with a radius of 10 tiles
  • @aoes <on|off> -Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.