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Currently there is no official Mac client for TitanRO, but you can still play using wineskin.


You'll need the following :

Installing WineSkin

  • Install WineSkin (downloaded from Prerequisites section)
  • Launch WineSkin Winery and click the '+' button to download an engine
  • Select WS9Wine1.7.55 and click 'Download and Install' and hit OK. Newer versions will NOT work!
  • Click 'Create New Blank Wrapper' and name it 'TitanRO' or whatever you want
  • If you get a prompt asking about incoming network connections, click 'Allow'
  • Click 'View wrapper in Finder' to open the location of the blank wrapper you just made. If you accidentally clicked 'OK', then you can probably find the directory by:
    • Open finder
    • Go >> Home >> Applications >> Wineskin
  • If you want, move your new blank wrapper to somewhere you find more convenient.

Setting Up Your Wrapper

  • Unzip your TitanRO client (downloaded from the prerequisites section) to some temporary place. You'll move the unzipped folder in a few steps.
  • Right click the WineSkin wrapper and select 'Show Package Contents'.
  • Navigate to drive_c >> Program Files and move or copy your unzipped TitanRO folder to here.
  • Also move or copy the 'No Splash file (downloaded from prerequisites) to here.
  • Go back to the main package contents directory and double click 'Wine Skin' to open the wrapper app.

Configuring Your Wrapper

  • Click 'Advanced' then click the tab 'Options' and check the following:
    • Map User Mac OS X Folders in wrapper (Checked by default)
    • Option Key Works as Alt (optional)
    • Force use of wrappers quartz-wm for window decorations and not what is on the system (Checked by default)
  • Click the 'Tools tab
  • Click 'Config Utility (winecfg)'
  • In the 'Applications' tab, set the Windows Version to 'Windows XP' and click 'OK'
  • Back in the tools tab, click 'Winetricks'
  • Under 'dlls', check the following:
    • vcrun2008
    • vcrun6
    • vcrun6sp6
  • Under 'fonts', check the following:
    • corefonts
  • Click 'Run' to run the installation of those checked items. This may take a while, and there may be occasional pop-ups requiring you to go through the installation. Defaults are all okay, so just click continue/yes all the way through.
  • Once WineTricks has finished installing, you can click 'Close'
  • Go to the 'Configuration' tab and on the Windows EXE, click 'Browse' and then navigate to your TitanRO folder (probably drive_c/Program Files/TitanRO). Select and choose 'OpenSetup.exe'.
  • Click 'Test Run' and you should see the Ragnarok Setup. Set your appropriate graphics device (mine is set at Intel(R) 945G [Wine D3D7 T&L HAL]).
  • You can adjust other settings to your personal preference. When done, click 'Apply' then 'OK'
  • After a few seconds, you will see a popup asking if you want to view test logs. You can just disregard it and select 'Cancel'
  • Change the Windows EXE again, but this time to 'Titan Patcher.exe'
  • Click 'Test Run'. You'll get a pop up asking about 'Wine Gecko'. Disregard this and select 'Cancel'. The patcher should launch and begin patching. You won't be able to see the patch notes with the older Wine engine, but that's OK. Wait a few seconds to minutes and the patch should be done, and the 'Start Game' button should appear. Click 'Start Game' and have fun!
  • Now that everything is set up, you can launch the wrapper directly (instead of using 'Test Run') from your launch pad or spotlight or whatever.


  • If you have High Sierra OS, you may need to make some additional adjustments that is shown in this video
  • If you want to use F1-F12 hotkeys in game, you can do System Preference > Keyboard and check 'Use F1,F2, etc. keys as standard function keys' (alternatively, you can map the hotkeys to other keys from the in-game settings menu)
  • If you really want to see the patch notes, you can download the most recent wine engine from the winery & set your wrapper to use the newer engine. However, logging in will NOT work with the newer engine. You will get a 'Failed To Connect To Server' message and you'll need to switch the wrapper's Wine engine back to 1.7.55 in order to play the game.


  • Gepard logo is stuck? Make sure you put the 'No Splash' file into your TitanRO folder.
  • 'Failed To Connect To Server' when trying to log in. Make sure you are using Wine engine 1.7.55 and NOT a newer one. To change engines, open the wineskin winery app, click the '+' , download 1.7.55, then in your TitanRO wineskin wrapper, go to 'Advanced', then 'Tools', then 'Change Engine Used'.
  • How can I run multiple instances? You'll need to create a separate wrapper (repeat all steps) for each instance you want to run.