Refinement System

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Much of the refinement system is the same as found in iRO, with a couple of differences as outlined below.

Ores & Limits

  • We do not have HD or Enriched Ores. Nor do we have Carnium or Bradium.
  • The maximum you can potentially upgrade an item is +10.

Safe Levels

The safe levels on Titan are the same as on iRO. The below information is copied from the iROWiki article.

The Safety Level is the maximum level of refinement that can be given to equipment with guaranteed success (0% chance of failure). Anything past the safety level has chance to fail, and failure means your equipment will be permanently destroyed, including any cards and other enchantments it may have had. You won't be refunded Zeny and the ore used to upgrade if it fails. Give careful thought before deciding if you want to upgrade a piece of equipment beyond its safety level.

Equipment Safety Level
Weapon Lv. 1 +7
Weapon Lv. 2 +6
Weapon Lv. 3 +5
Weapon Lv. 4 +4
Any Armor
Shadow Gear