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Stat Regretter.png

Stat Regretter

TitanRO does not have stat resets in the traditional sense (Resetting all stat points at once to be reallocated). Instead, the Stat Regretter will allow you to reassign points individually. This is intended to allow small adjustments to builds while still making your build path feel meaningful. The Stat Regretter will allow you to reset up to 5 stat points per week for 200,000z per point.

The Stat Regretter is located in the center of Prontera to the right of the tool dealer (/navi prontera 144/230).


The Hypnotist is TitanRO's provider of skill resets. If you are a first class and are base level 40 and under she will reset your skills for free. For anyone else it will cost you 2,000,000z per reset.

You can find the Hypnotist in the center of Prontera next to the Stat Regretter (/navi prontera 146/232).