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Rule 1: If you believe something may be morally suspect don't do it. It will most likely result in account suspension. Even if it is not here.

General Gameplay

  • Do not intentionally kill steal.
  • Do not intentionally mob train other users.
  • Do not debuff other players without their permission.
  • Use of packet injection to heal, target monsters, or use skills is prohibited.
  • Exploiting bugs or mechanics to disconnect other users is prohibited.
  • Use of Auto Pot is prohibited.
  • Botting in any way is prohibited.
  • Use of No Delay is prohibited.
  • Multi-client is allowed.

Economic Activity

  • Scamming players with NPC bought goods is prohibited.
  • Scamming players with items with similar sprites is prohibited.
  • Do not engage in duplication of items or zeny.
  • Do not engage in RMT activities with players OR websites.


  • WoE Emblems must have visible color for at least 50% of the emblem sprite.
  • Strongly encouraged to set emblems before WoE Starts.
  • Refrain from switching emblems during WoE.
  • Do not debuff other players Outside the castles without their permission.


  • Do not impersonate other users, guilds, or staff.
  • Do not use character names, guild names, party names, homunculus names, shop names, chat names, or pets to harass other users. (Ex: Trojal is a Loser')
  • Do not make rude comments on the subject of looks, race, gender, sexual identity, or sexual preference.
  • Do not sexually harass other users.
  • Do not threaten other players with real life harm.
  • Public calls for someone to be banned regardless of what they have done shall be considered harassment of that user. This will incur the normal harassment punishment pattern. If you wish to report something you must do so privately to the GM team.


  • We ask that users refrain from using art created by other users without permission.
  • The exchange of art for real money is not to be advertised on the forum.


  • Please do not tell the GMs to hurry up.
  • Although restorations can be frustrating, please attempt to treat the GM team with human respect and empathy. They should be doing their best to assist you.

Client Edits

Any Client edit except those that do the following are prohibited. What this means is we are not going to ban you if you use one of the ones below. We do not recommend that you ever edit your client. This can result in game client instability and we cannot assist you if you do so. You may need to reinstall the game to make the client playable again.

  • Graphical Edits that help with the display of skill outlines. Ex. Gutter Lines, overlays that show skill splash zone.
  • Graphical Edits that are purely Cosmetic in Nature. Ex. Big Card Edits. (Please note replacing monster or player sprites can be viewed as giving players an unfair advantage and may result in account suspension)
  • Informational Client Edits that help with tracking buff timers.
  • Creation of Mini Map files for maps that do not have them.
  • Certain Edits that help with client performance. Ex. Remove Shake, Remove Hallucination.
  • Use of Keyboard/AHK Macros is allowed as long as they do not automate gameplay.

If you believe that something should be allowed please let Trojal know and we will consider it.


Please know that you can always join the official Discord and ask staff for confirmation if something is being asked of you in-game.

  • TitanRO is a no donation, no cash shop, free server. A GM will never ask for money.
  • A GM can't be invisible in a chat. Resize the chat if you are suspicious. You can always ask to see a GM sprite when talking with a GM. Avoid accepting downloads of game files such as GRF edits from other users, which could be used to manipulate how you see player sprites.
  • A GM will never ask for your password or to install Team Viewer and other such software to help you.
  • Only use the official Discord to communicate with staff, a GM will not ask you to join a different Discord server to discuss matters.
  • Beware of users imitating friends / guild mates using names with a similar appearance. If possible have a means of contact outside the game to confirm with them before making trades.
  • Beware of sites linked by users that ask you to login. It's best to navigate by yourself to pages like the TitanRO Control Panel where you would need to login.

Reporting Rule Breaking

The best method is to first make a Replay recording showing the prohibited activity, then send the replay .rrf file to Trojal, which you can do via direct message on Discord. A screenshot may be applicable in some cases and can be sent in the same manner.