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The id comes from Divine Pride.

Usage Description Output
{{Skill List |id=19 |link=[[Fire Bolt]]}}
Output icon and link to the skill page on the wiki 19.png Fire Bolt
{{Skill List |id=19 |link=[https://irowiki.org/wiki/Fire_Bolt Fire Bolt]}}
Output icon and link to an external page 19.png Fire Bolt
{{Skill List |id=19 |link=Fire Bolt}}
Output icon and text, no link 19.png Fire Bolt
{{Skill List |id=19}}
Output just the icon 19.png
{{Skill List |link=[[Fire Bolt]]}}
Output just the link Fire Bolt


The original Skill List template comes from this iROWiki template. They have given us permission to use it, and we have modified it to serve our purposes.