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TitanRO is a private Ragnarok Online server with so-called revo-classic mechanics, which is a mixture between Renewal and Classic (or Pre-Renewal) mechanics.

General Server Information

The experience rate on TitanRO is 5x, with Quest EXP being at 3x. Regular item drop rate is 5x, following a custom formula. The only exception is the drop rate of Miniboss and MVP cards, as well as MVP items, which all drop at a regular 1x rate. [1]

Custom Mechanics

While trying to be as close to the official server as possible, there a few changes in mechanics to make gameplay more enjoyable. The following are the most important changes.


Certain aspects of gameplay and mechanics follow the current Renewal system, while others have been reverted to simulate a Pre-Renewal experience. [2] The EXP Tables follow their own, revo-classic formula.

TitanRO currently includes all extended and transcended classes which are available in classic RO up to level 99/70.

The following mechanics follow the Renewal rules:

While these mechanics are Pre-Renewal:

  • Maximum level: 99/50 (and 99/70 for transcended classes) [1]
  • Monster spawns
  • Monster drops, EXP, HP, and level. Which means no penalties based on level difference. [1]
  • NPCs / Quests
  • 28.png Heal

Custom Features

Miscellaneous Changes

Big card sprite
  • Homunculus get hungry 3x faster then normal, and thus also gain intimacy faster. Besides the usual HP and SP bars below the Homunculus, you will also see a third bar. This bar represents the Homunculus’ hunger. [9]
  • The damage delay from one full attack has been reduced to half of an attack. This means that the damage is dealt / taken halfway through an attack animation, rather than at the start or end. Additionally, the flinch time for getting hit by attacks has been reduced from 80% to 60%. [9]
  • Emperium has been updated to take 1 damage per hit. [10]
  • Teleport level 1 now works instantly without bringing up a menu, like fly wings. Level 2 still brings up the 3-item menu of random location, save point, or cancel. [11]
  • There is no Hallucination (wavy screen) effect. [9]
  • Big Card sprite used. [12]