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Wormtail Ringleader

TitanRO has Champion Monster spawns on certain maps. These are tougher versions of the normal monsters and offer more experience. Each Champion Monster has a specific attribute. [1] Also, Champion Monsters drop Titan Tokens.

All attributes:

  • 2.5x Base Exp
  • 9x Job Exp
  • 5x HP
  • 1.5x to 2x Damage

Each attribute means the following:

  • Swift: +25% move speed
  • Solid: 10x HP instead of 5x, -20% move speed
  • Ringleader: Summons 2 copies of its normal monster
  • Furious: Faster ASPD
  • Elusive: No special modifications

List of Champion Monsters

Note: This list aims to be as up to date with what's in-game as possible. Let us know if there are any issues!

Map Name Monster Name
gl_prison Solid Zombie Prisoner
pay_dun00 Furious Zombie
prt_fild03 Swift Yoyo
ayo_fild02 Solid Yoyo
pay_fild06 Wormtail Ringleader
um_fild02 Furious Wootan Fighter
moc_fild03 Swift Wolf
pay_fild01 Willow Ringleader
um_fild04 Furious Wild Rose
gon_dun03 Elusive Evil Nymph
gl_sew01 Solid Whisper
treasure_n2 Weak Skeleton Ringleader
gl_cas02 Furious Wanderer
iz_dun01 Solid Vadon
prt_sewb4 Solid Thief Bug
prt_sewb3 Thief Bug Ringleader
prt_sewb2 Furious Thief Bug
beach_dun3 Elusive Thara Frog
ayo_dun02 Furious Tamruan
gl_sew03 Elusive Sting
moc_fild13 Solid Steel Chonchon
beach_dun2 Furious Stalactic Golem
prt_fild02 Elusive Stainer
treasure_n1 Swift Spore
tur_dun02 Solid Solider
pay_dun02 Soldier Skeleton Ringleader
pay_dun01 Furious Soldier Skeleton
pay_dun03 Swift Sohee
pay_fild02 Boa Ringleader
ayo_fild01 Furious Smokie
yuno_fild02 Swift Sleeper
mjolnir_03 Side Winder Ringleader
ama_dun03 Furious Shinobi
cmd_fild04 Sea Otter Ringleader
moc_fild18 Elusive Scorpion
mjolnir_09 Swift Savage Babe
prt_maze01 Solid Savage
mjolnir_07 Savage Ringleader
moc_fild16 Furious Sandman
treasure01 Swift Sailor Skeleton
prt_fild00 Roda Frog Ringleader
gef_fild01 Furious Roda Frog
prt_fild07 Elusive Rocker
c_tower1 Solid Rideword
gon_fild01 Dumpling Child Ringleader
in_sphinx2 Solid Requiem
gl_knt02 Swift Raydric
gl_knt01 Solid Raydric
cmd_fild07 Elusive Raggler
gef_fild07 Swift Poring
prt_maze03 Poporing Ringleader
prt_maze02 Furious Poporing
pay_fild04 Elusive Poporing
ama_dun02 Swift Poison Toad
mjolnir_06 Solid Poison Spore
iz_dun00 Furious Plankton
moc_fild12 Furious Picky
iz_dun03 Elusive Phen
gef_fild08 Swift Petite
gef_fild06 Solid Petite
treasure02 Penomena Ringleader
moc_fild02 Elusive Peco Peco
in_sphinx5 Swift Pasana
um_fild03 Solid Parasite
gef_fild10 Furious Orc Warrior
orcsdun01 Elusive Orc Zombie
orcsdun02 Swift Orc Skeleton
gef_fild03 Solid Orc Lady
mag_dun02 Furious Nightmare Terror
gl_chyard_ Elusive Wraith Dead (Nightmare)
gl_cas02_ Furious Wanderer (Nightmare)
xmas_dun02 Furious Myst Case
moc_pryd03 Swift Mummy
moc_pryd02 Solid Mummy
moc_fild01 Muka Ringleader
ama_dun01 Miyabi Doll Ringleader
moc_prydn1 Furious Minorous
moc_pryd05 Elusive Minorous
in_sphinx4 Swift Minorous
moc_prydn2 Furious Mimic
moc_pryd06 Elusive Mimic
cmd_fild09 Swift Metaller
iz_dun04 Furious Merman
beach_dun Swift Medusa
xmas_fild01 Furious Marin
in_sphinx3 Elusive Marduk
prt_maze03 Swift Mantis
gef_fild04 Solid Mandragora
gl_dun02 Furious Majoruros
prt_fild09 Elusive Magnolia
prt_fild08 Solid Lunatic
prt_fild01 Lunatic Ringleader
niflheim Furious Lude
nif_fild02 Swift Loli Ruri
gon_dun02 Solid Enchanted Peach Tree
new_1-3 Baby Poring Ringleader
lou_dun01 Elusive Jing Guai
ayo_dun01 Leaf Cat Ringleader
mjolnir_08 Furious Beetle King
ama_fild01 Swift Karakasa
moc_pryd04 Solid Isis
gl_prison1 Furious Injustice
lou_fild01 Elusive Mi Gao
lou_dun02 Yao Jun Ringleader
gef_dun00 Furious Hunter Fly
prt_fild05 Elusive Hornet
pay_fild09 Solid Horn
moc_fild17 Furious Hode
yuno_fild04 Harpy Ringleader
yuno_fild03 Furious Harpy
cmd_fild01 Elusive Grove
pay_fild10 Swift Greatest General
cmd_fild06 Furious Golem
prt_fild11 Elusive Goblin
gef_fild11 Swift Goblin
gef_dun01 Elusive Ghoul
yuno_fild01 Solid Geographer
glast_01 Gargoyle Ringleader
gl_sew02 Furious Gargoyle
cmd_fild02 Swift Seal
tur_dun05 Solid Freezer
tur_dun03 Freezer Ringleader
prt_sewb1 Elusive Familiar
prt_fild06 Solid Fabre
pay_fild03 Fabre Ringleader
mag_dun01 Furious Explosion
gl_church Elusive Evil Druid
prt_fild10 Swift Elder Willow
mjolnir_02 Solid Elder Willow
mjolnir_12 Furious Dustiness
um_fild01 Swift Dryad
moc_fild07 Drops Ringleader
mjolnir_04 Furious Driller
in_sphinx1 Elusive Drainliar
tur_dun01 Swift Dragon Tail
pay_dun04 Furious Dokebi
nif_fild01 Elusive Disguise
moc_fild11 Furious Baby Desert Wolf
cmd_fild08 Elusive Deniro
gl_chyard Furious Dark Priest
lou_dun03 Elusive Zhu Po Long
gef_fild05 Swift Creamy
iz_dun02 Solid Cornutus
xmas_dun01 Cookie Ringleader
gef_fild09 Swift Coco
gef_fild02 Solid Coco
c_tower4 Clock Ringleader
c_tower2 Furious Clock
gef_fild00 Elusive Chonchon
gl_cas01 Elusive Carat
mjolnir_01 Swift Caramel
gon_dun01 Swift Bloody Butterfly
pay_fild07 Bigfoot Ringleader
tur_dun04 Assaulter Ringleader
mjolnir_10 Furious Argos
mjolnir_11 Elusive Argiope
mjolnir_05 Swift Argiope
gl_sew04 Furious Anolian
anthell02 Solid Andre
prt_fild04 Elusive Ambernite
cmd_fild03 Solid Alligator
c_tower3 Elusive Alarm
gl_step Solid Wind Ghost
mjo_dun01 Tarou Ringleader
mjo_dun03 Elusive Skeleton Worker
alde_dun03 Furious Penomena
mjo_dun02 Solid Martin
gl_in01 Marionette Ringleader
alde_dun02 Solid High Orc
gef_dun02 Solid Deviruchi
alde_dun04 Furious Bathory
gl_dun01 Solid Arclouze
alde_dun01 Arclouze Ringleader