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Job Base: Merchant
Job Type: 2-1
Job Bonuses
+6 +2 +6 +2 +12 +2

Job Change

Ready to change into a Blacksmith? Click here for the Blacksmith Job Change Guide.

Class Data


Battle Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
111.png Adrenaline Rush Double the Attack Speed of Axe and Mace weapons for the duration of the skill. 5 Active
110.png Hammerfall Pound a targeted cell to stun enemies in the impacts vicinity. This can only be used when an Axe or Mace class weapon is equipped. 5 Active
105.png Hilt Binding Increase the duration of the Adrenaline Rush, Power Thrust and Weapon Perfection skills by 10%. This skill also adds +1 STR and +4 ATK. 1 Passive
114.png Maximize Power Amplify Weapon Attack Power by continuously draining a specific amount of SP while skill is active. This skill can be canceled by casting it once again. 5 Active
113.png Power Thrust Enhance the Attack Power of a weapon with a 0.1% chance of damaging that weapon. 5 Supportive
109.png Skin Tempering Increase resistance to Fire and Neutral property attacks. 5 Passive
112.png Weapon Perfection Nullify any reduction in damage resulting from monster size. 5 Active

Forging Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
96.png Enchanted Stone Craft Enables the refining of enchanted ores with 10 Green Live, 10 Wind of Verdures, 10 Red Blood, 10 Crystal Blue, or 10 Star Dust with a Mini Furnace. 5 Passive
94.png Iron Tempering Enables the tempering of 1 Iron with 1 Iron Ore and 1 Mini Furnace. 5 Passive
106.png Ore Discovery Increase the success rate of finding ores dropped from monsters. 1 Passive
97.png Research Oridecon Increase the success rate of forging items with Oridecon. 5 Passive
101.png Smith Axe Enables forging of Axe Class Weapons. 3 Passive
98.png Smith Dagger Enables forging of Dagger Class weapons. 3 Passive
103.png Smith Brass Knuckle Enables forging of Knuckle Class weapons. 3 Passive
102.png Smith Mace Enables forging of Mace Class weapons. 3 Passive
104.png Smith Spear Enables forging of Spear Class weapons. 3 Passive
99.png Smith Sword Enables forging of One-handed Sword Class weapons. 3 Passive
100.png Smith Two-handed Sword Enables forging of Two-handed Sword Class weapons. 3 Passive
95.png Steel Tempering Enables the tempering of 1 Steel with 5 Iron, 1 Coal and 1 Mini Furnace. 5 Passive
108.png Repair Weapon Repair damaged Weapons. Names of weapons that have been damaged are displayed in red color. 1 Active
107.png Weaponry Research Improves weapon knowledge in order to create arms of higher quality. 10 Passive

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