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Hercules comes with an inbuilt channel system for global chat[1].

How to type to a channel

You need to join a channel to see messages in it; when logging in, you will automatically join certain channels, others you will have to join manually.

These settings can be changed via the Titan Guide, which will open an NPC dialogue where you can toggle autojoin for every channel in the Login Settings.

Existing Channels

Joined by default:

  • #main is for general global chat (Note: As per the rules, only English is allowed in this channel.)
  • #trade is for all sell/buy/trade messages
  • #offtopic is for chat not related to RO
  • #party is for party search
  • #map enables chatting with other players on the same map

Language-specific channels:

  • #de is for German chat
  • #es is for Spanish chat
  • #fr is for French chat
  • #pt is for Portuguese chat
  • #tl is for Tagalog chat

Channel Moderators

Moderator users have a + before their messages in #main, and have the ability to temporarily mute other users. Their aim is to resolve issues by talking to players who are breaking the Social Rules of the server.

If issues escalate, they can /savechat conversations for staff to consider longer term solutions as needed, such as removal of privileges. Channel moderators do not have a Game Master (GM) character.

General Commands

  • @channel lists all channel-related commands
  • @channel list lists all public channels
  • @channel bindto <#channel_name> binds your global chat to a specific channel, making everything you type that would normally displayed to nearby characters be redirected to that channel instead
  • @channel unbind unbinds your global chat from the current bound channel

Joining and Leaving

  • @join <#channel_name> joins a public channel
  • @join <#channel_name> <password> joins a private channel
  • @channel leave <#channel_name> leaves a channel

Channel Creation and Administration

  • @channel create <#channel_name> creates a temporary channel, which disappears when the last member leaves
  • @channel create <#channel_name> <password> creates a temporary channel with a password
  • @channel setcolor <#channel_name> changes a channel's color
  • @channel list colors lists all available colors; available colors are:
  • Channel colors.png
  • @channel ban <#channel_name> <character name> bans a character from the channel
  • @channel unban <#channel_name> <character name> unbans a character from the channel
  • @channel banlist <#channel_name> lists all characters banned from the channel
  • @channel setopt <#channel_name> JoinAnnounce 1 enables join messages for the channel; setting it to 0 disables it