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Is TitanRO renewal, pre-renewal, or a mix?

TitanRO is Revo-classic, a mix of pre-renewal and renewal. Revo-classic uses mostly renewal mechanics with pre-renewal experience, levels and quests. Introduction to TitanRO

What are the rates?

5x experience (base, job). 3x quest experience. Drop rates use a unique formula, but are 3x for monsters and 1x for boss cards and MvP drops.

What classes are available?

2-1, 2-2, and Supernovice jobs are available at our current episode.

Is there an anti cheat?

TitanRO uses GepardShield anticheat.

What will the WoE schedule be and how many castles will be open?

We will have our first WoE 1 the weekend of July 6 - July 8, likely with 4 castles (1 per zone) or 5 castles (single zone). The WoE days and times are still undetermined.

Will there be donation items?


Where is the server located?

The server is hosted in US Central. You can use ping to check your latency. We use high performance routing which acts like an optimized VPN for all regions.

When did TitanRO launch?

The launch date was 25th of May 2018 at 8am UTC. Read the server launch forum post

When will the other classes release? What is the content release schedule?

To be determined later, honestly. The main goal of disabling transcendent classes at launch is to keep the average guilds able to compete with the strongest guild. If the server average is hitting max level quickly, transcendent will be available sooner rather than later. Ninja and Gunslinger will probably be available before transcendent classes, and Taekwon and Linker should be available after transcendent classes get some WoEs without soul link.

Is there a mac client?

Not officially, but we do have a guide for playing on your mac!

Is there a warper?

No, there is no free, all-location warper in TitanRO. Friendly neighborhood acolytes and Kafra employees are your friends!

Is there a job changer?

No, TitanRO uses mostly standard job change quests. If you are having problems with changing jobs, you can find more information on the relevant class page.