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Job Base: Mage
Job Type: 2-1
Job Bonuses
+1 +8 +1 +12 +6 +2



Wizards strive further to hone the power of the elements, as a result they have obtained knowledge on how to use this power on a wider scale. Wizards have access to AOE spells that can be used to dispatch their enemies in groups, as well as learning stronger single target magic. Elemental counter is still an important aspect of a wizard, using the wrong spell could break the party flow when dealing with tough opponents. Wizards could also function as crowd controllers by either keeping them at bay (via Slow, Stun or Freeze) or killing them outright.

Wizards are still limited to using either a dagger or a rod/staff, the latter being the most used. 2-handed staves offer better offense power, as they have higher matk, at the expense of not wearing a shield to reduce incoming damage. 1-handed staves/rods are still used in cases of needing to wear a shield. Casting is more of a problem to a wizard now with the AOE spells having lengthy casting times, so having uninterruptible casting is a crucial attribute for wizards in PVM (doesnt work in WOE settings so you can just skip). INT and DEX are the primary stats for wizards so as to reduce both casting time while having higher matk. LUK is optional for its influence on matk as well.

Job Change Guide

Requirement: Mage who has reached at least Job level 40 (50 is still recommended due to the numerous skills of mages)

From the City of Geffen, head to the center and enter the Geffen Tower, proceed to the top floor and talk to the NPC behind the counter. After confirming your decision to change to a wizard, you will proceed to do the first of 3 parts of the exam.

1) The first part is an item collection test, you will be instructed to bring either of these 2 sets (if you are job 50 this part of the test will be skipped and you will proceed with the 2nd part):

Set A: 10 716?.png Red Gemstone, 10 717?.png Blue Gemstone, 10 715?.png Yellow Gemstone

Set B: 5 991?.png Crystal Blue, 5 993?.png Green Live, 5 990?.png Red Blood, 5 992?.png Wind of Verdure

2) Next you will be directed to the Dismal Wizard found in the southwest corner, he will ask you to answer 10 questions and you must answer this at least 8 out of 10 right to proceed to the final part of the exam. there are 3 sets of these questions (Answers are in Bold):

  1. Set 1
    • The skill not necessary to learn Fire Wall is Napalm Beat Lv4.
    • Casting Frost Diver on a monster changes its attribute to Water.
    • Level 10 Napalm Beat does 1.7 times MATK.
    • Stone Curse requires a Red Gemstone as a catalyst.
    • The skill not needed to learn Safety Wall is Increase SP Recovery Lv6.
    • Increase SP Recovery level 7, without the INT bonus, will recover 21 SP every 10 seconds.
    • Using Energy Coat with 50% remaining SP, 2% SP is used per hit and the damage is reduced by 18%.
    • Safety Wall level 6 consumes 40 SP and blocks 7 attacks.
    • Thunderstorm level 10 consumes 74 SP.
    • The most useful skill for training in Byalan dungeon is Lightning Bolt.
  2. Set 2
    • Slotted Guards can be obtained from Pupa.
    • The easiest monster for a low level to hunt is Flora.
    • Evil Druid is not affected by Stone Curse.
    • A Wind attribute weapon deals 200% damage to a level 3 Water attribute monster.
    • If a Baby Desert Wolf and Familiar fought, the Baby Desert Wolf would win.
    • Roda Frogs cannot be Cute Pets.
    • Goblin (Hammer) is weak against a Fire attribute attack.
    • Caramel has the highest defense.
    • Ghostring is of different species when compared to others.
    • Deviace is not an Undead monster.
  3. Set 3
    • The most important stat for a Mage is INT.
    • Earth does not have a bolt type attack.
    • Good at selling stuff is not something that would relate to a Mage.
    • Geffen is the town of the Mage.
    • Soldier Andre card has nothing to do with INT.
    • Compared to other job classes, the Mage is good at magic skills.
    • INT bonus at job level 40 is +5 for a Mage.
    • A Boy's Cap cannot be equipped by Mage.
    • The catalyst when making the Mage test solution 3 is a Blue Gemstone.
    • Magnolia card is irrelevant to magic.

3) The last part of the exam is a skills test, The Dismal Wizard will warp you to the testing are wherein you have 6 rooms full of monsters to fight, each room having a specific element. Note that some of them are cast censor or are aggressive, so use your spells wisely, having uninterruptible cast (use a phen carded accessory) for this part of the test will be a bonus. You will be first warped to the normal room of that element where you will kill all of monsters inside within 3 minutes, then be warped to the boss room for that element and kill the boss and spawn monsters for 1 minute. Failure to do so for any of the rooms, you will be respawning at the bottom of the tower, where you will have to go back up and talk to the Dismal Wizard, he will ask you 5 questions again prior to redoing the test.

  1. Water Room
    • Normal: Cornutus, Phen, Shellfish, Vadon, Magnolia, Marin, Marina, Obeuane
    • Boss: Hydra, Marine Sphere
  2. Earth Room
    • Normal: Orc Warrior, Caramel, Deniro, Giearth, Vitata, Wolf
    • Boss: Mandragora
  3. Fire Room
    • Normal: Goblin, Elder Willow, Desert Wolf, Frilldora, Scorpion, Pecopeco, Metaller
    • Boss: Greatest General
  1. Questions prior to to re-attempt the exam room: (Answer at least 4 out of 5)
    • What monster is different in attribute? Cornutus
    • Which monster does not covet items? Zerom
    • What monster is not cast sensitive? Marina
    • What magic is effective to marine sphere? Lightning bolt
    • What is not a stationary monster? Frilldora

After passing the test, talk to the Magic Guildsman at the counter and she will promote you to a Wizard, and you will be given 6 505?.png Blue Potion

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
89.png Storm Gust Summons a vicious blizzard upon a targeted location that will inflict Water property magic damage every half a second to all enemies within its area of effect and push them 2 cells in random directions. It has a chance of leaving enemies frozen. 10 Offensive
83.png Meteor Storm Calls forth meteors from the skies that randomly fall within its area of effect around the targeted location. Each meteor will inflict 125% Fire property magic damage each hit to all enemies in a 7x7 area around each meteor. It has a chance of leaving enemies stunned. 10 Offensive
85.png Lord of Vermilion Calls forth destructive bolts from the skies upon a targeted location that will inflict Wind property magic damage every second to all enemies within its area of effect. It has a chance of leaving enemies blind. 10 Offensive
86.png Waterball Inflicts Water property Magic Damage to a single target multiple times in rapid succession. Requires to be in shallow water. 5 Offensive
88.png Frost Nova Raises ice spikes around the user that will inflict Water property magic damage to all enemies around the user. It has a chance of leaving enemies frozen even if they're Water property entities. 10 Offensive
84.png Jupitel Thunder Fires a ball of crackling lightning at a single target that inflicts 100% Wind property magic damage each shock and pushes it backwards. 10 Offensive
81.png Sightrasher Projects the fireball summoned from the Sight skill in 8 directions around the caster to inflict Fire property magic damage to all enemies around the caster and push them 2 cells backwards. Requires to have Sight active. 10 Offensive
80.png Fire Pillar Summons a pillar of flame on a targeted location that flares when triggered, inflicting piercing Fire property magic damage each hit to all enemies within its area of effect. Each cast consumes a Blue Gemstone if Level 6 or higher is cast. 10 Offensive
87.png Icewall Creates a wall of ice in a targeted location to impede movement until its durability wears off or expires. 10 Active
91.png Heaven's Drive Commands the ground in a targeted location to rise into spikes, where each series of spikes will inflict 125% Earth property magic damage to all enemies within its area of effect. 5 Offensive
90.png Earth Spike Commands the ground beneath a single target to rise into spikes, where each spike will inflict 100% Earth property magic damage. 5 Offensive
93.png Sense Analyzes a single target, revealing information such as its remaining HP, SP, property, size and race. If the user is in a party, all party members can see the target's information. 1 Active
92.png Quagmire Turns a targeted location into a marshland that reduces Movement Speed, AGI and DEX of all enemies within its area of effect. Also removes certain skill effects, such as Increase AGI, Twohand Quicken and Adrenaline Rush. 5 Active


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