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This page highlights functionality that's unique to TitanRO as well as updates to the kRO Client that iRO users may not be aware of.


TitanRO uses Gepard Shield.

Built-in SimpleROHook (RCX/SRH)

LGP display demo with @circle and @square 14 enabled

TitanRO uses Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP) to enable RCX-type displays.

LGP can be toggled using the @lgp command. More information can be found at Player Commands.

Additional configuration can be done using the plugin.ini file inside the TitanRO directory.

Mac Client

Though we don't have an official Mac client for the server, there is a handy guide for using Wine on your mac.

Android client

TitanRO is using AndRO to provide a working Android client, the .apk for which can be downloaded here.

This client is limited in some ways; features like Mail, Bank, Achievements and Attendance Rewards are not accessible. But since you use the exact same characters and accounts as the PC version, you can access these features there.

Exp Viewer

Exp Viewer by Fuzzy

Our client comes with the Exp Viewer by Fuzzy, which can be found in a folder of the same name in the TitanRO folder.

It is an easy way to check your individual exp gain per monster (Gain), how many of the same monster you still have to kill to level up (TNL = to next level) and your exp per hour (Exp/Hr).

It also shows how much time has passed since you turned it on (T), as well as an estimate for how long it will take to level up your base (B) and job (J) level at the bottom.

You can also easily switch between different open clients (C) or reset the counter (R).

Lastly, there is a newer version with which you can check longtime statistics across different characters (Stat); you can find it here. Disclaimer: Depending on your Windows locale settings, the Exp Viewer might be unable to parse the date for this feature and won't start at all.


There are a number of quality of life things related to the inventory that are outlined here. These are part of the kRO client, and not TitanRO customizations.

Alt + Right Click An Item

Moves the item between open windows such as trade, storage, inventory, warehouse, cart, vend etc.

GIF Moving items from storage to inventory and back again with Alt + Right-Click
GIF Moving items from inventory to cart and back again with Alt + Right-Click

If multiple windows are open, items will move according to the following priority rules:

1. If Kafra storage, inventory, and cart are open:

  • From Kafra storage: The item will be moved to your inventory.
  • From your inventory: The item will be moved to Kafra storage.
  • Cart has the lowest priority.
GIF Demonstrating Alt + Right-Click on an item with storage, inventory and cart windows open

2. If trade, inventory, and cart are open:

  • From your inventory: The item will be moved to the trade window.
  • From a trade window: Nothing happens, the item won't be moved.
  • From your cart: Nothing happens, the item won't be moved.
GIF Demonstrating Alt + Right-Click on an item with trade, inventory and cart windows open

3. From your vend creation window: The item will be moved back to the cart.

GIF Moving items from vend to cart and back again with Alt + Right-Click

Selling Items with Double Click

When selling items to an NPC, having Toggle Item Amount ticked allows you to simply double click an item to move it between the inventory and sale window without dragging. Untick Toggle Item Amount then drag and drop if you wish to choose how much of an item you wish to move.

GIF Selling items to an NPC with double click

Shift + Left Click An Item

This adds a clickable link to the item description in chat.

GIF demonstrating Shift + Click on an item

Ctrl + Right Click An Unidentified Item

This identifies an item as long as you have a Magnifier in storage.

GIF demonstrating Shift + Right Click on an unidentified item

Fav Tab + NPC Sale Lock

Drag an item in your inventory to the Fav tab to add it to your favorites. To remove, just drag it to any other Inventory tab. While in your Fav tab, you can choose "NPC sale lock" to prevent the item from being sold to an NPC.

GIF demonstrating the Inventory Fav tab

Compare equips + Right Click An Item

With "Compare equips" enabled, right-clicking a piece of equipment shows you a description of both that item and the item that you currently have equipped for that slot.

GIF demonstrating Inventory Compare equips

Storage Item Order

A drop down menu at the bottom right of the Kafra storage window lets you choose to order items alphabeitcally from A to Z (Upgrade) or in reverse Z to A (Downgrade).

GIF Selecting how storage items are listed


The party frames are another of the recent kRO changes available in TitanRO. On top of looking slicker and displaying class icons, players can be dragged out of the party window so it doesn't need to be open all the time!

Create Unit Frames

Drag party members out of the party window to create an interactive unit frame for that player.

GIF demonstrating Creating Unit Frames

Buff Your Friends

The detached unit frames can be used to heal group members as you usually would with the party window.

GIF demonstrating healing via unit frames

Remove Unit Frames

Unit frames for specific party members can be removed when needed. Or if they do something to lose heal privileges. /gg

GIF demonstrating removing unit frames



70% Overweight Limit

kRO client update where you go overweight at 70% instead of at 50%.



Clicking the camera icon in the UI allows you to record your gameplay.


Before starting you can use the middle icon to choose what you wish to show in the recording.


The recording will be saved to the Replay folder where you installed Titan RO.


Compared to a video recording, the file size is small, but can only be played back via the game client. To watch Replay files, the client must be launched in Replay mode. You can create a shortcut for this by doing the following:

  • Right-click on tRO.exe and select Create Shortcut which you can name something like "tRO Replay"
  • Right-click on the new file and select Properties.
  • Add -Replay to the end of the Target and click OK.

You can now double click this file to launch Replay mode.